Eurocept Homecare - Medication

Eurocept Homecare works in close partnership with hospitals and manufacturers of pharmaceutics to develop and implement medication-specific care plans.

In addition, Eurocept Homecare develops disease-specific medication plans, tailor-made for hospitals. These plans allow hospitals to apply for in-home care services for patients suffering from specific diseases, with Eurocept supplying all the medications and care services these patients require.

Eurocept Homecare's medication plans currently cater for immunology, oncology, urology, hepatitis and neurology patients, as well as for people who require antibiotics and analgesics.†

Eurocept Homecare co-ordinates the delivery of its care and medication plans from start to finish, focusing on the four pillars of its homecare philosophy:

  1. Medical homecare (delivered by highly qualified nurses, active all over the country)†

  2. Eurocept Plaza (a web portal allowing doctors to enter and consult medical records)

  3. Distribution (Eurocept stocks, stores and distributes medications and medical nutrition and distributes them to other organisations)

  4. Medical resources (among other things, Eurocept supplies infusion pumps)

Eurocept Homecare - Toonaangevende thuiszorgorganisatie met unieke ziekenhuisverplaatste zorg programma's

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