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If a patient requires specialist medical care at home following his/her discharge from hospital, s/he is given in-home medical care. In an in-home medical care situation, the patient receives nursing in the comfort of his/her own home, on behalf of the hospital and the treating medical specialist, with the treating physician or specialist remaining ultimately responsible for the patient's well-being. Eurocept Homecare, a part of the Eurocept Group, specialises in the delivery of this type of care.

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Eurocept Homecare - Unieke en toonaangevende thuiszorg specialist in ziekenhuisverplaatste zorg

Eurocept Homecare offers over 50 medication-specific care plans in various fields of medicine, e.g. oncology, immunology and urology. These care plans deliver every type of care a patient may need, ranging from medications, medical nutrition and medical resources such as infusion pumps to nursing at the patientís own home.

To be able to deliver this kind of all-encompassing care, Eurocept Homecare uses Eurocept Plaza, a web portal which allows doctors to follow patients 24/7 and prescribe drugs and medical resources on line. Eurocept Plaza is a very efficient system, in that it allows doctors to inspect their patientsí complete medical records with just one click and provides hospitals with an easy way to check how much they are spending on each patient.

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