Intravenous Therapy - Ambulatory Electronic Infusion Pumps

Using a portable or ambulatory infusion pump can make our patients' lives at home considerably easier. Among other things, infusion pumps can be used to administer medications, analgesics, nutrition, chemotherapy and palliative medications. They are operated at the patient's home by a nurse. †

Ambulante pompen - Eurocept Homecare Ziekenhuisverplaatste zorg

Eurocept is the sole supplier of Micrel pumps in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Micrel pumps can administer substances in three different ways: intravenously (in a vein), subcutaneously (under the skin) and epidurally (within the membranes of the spinal cord).†

For instance, Micrel's PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) pump is extremely useful for administering post-operative analgesics and medications used in obstetric procedures. Since the pumps are compact and user-friendly, they are highly suitable for use in homecare.†

However, late-generation infusion pumps also have other useful features. For instance, thanks to these pumps' GPRS, doctors can 'read' the pumps from a distance. The MicrelCare web portal gives doctors direct access to data stored by pumps used in a homecare situation, thus allowing doctors to monitor their patients and adjust their therapy if necessary. Pumps can be programmed to send emergency warnings to doctors' smart phones or tablets. Doctors can then immediately take steps as required. In other words, patients can be monitored by both a nurse and a doctor, which results in higher-quality care.

Micrel pumps offer the following advantages:

- extremely light-weight (300 grams)
- easy to operate
- long battery life
- fewer unnecessary alarms
- suitable for administration of epidural analgesia
- easy to carry (small backpacks are supplied)
- choice of 60 pre-programmed infusion protocols
- automatic re-start after occlusion release
- built-in air-in-line eliminator which also serves as an anti-bacterial filter
- can be 'read' from a distance by a doctor via GPRS.

Maintenance & Repairs

Eurocept has a special department for Micrel infusion pump maintenance and repairs. This department employs technical service engineers who were trained by Micrel and are re-certified every year.

Download our brochures here: PCA, PCEA, PN

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