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Ziekenhuisverplaatste zorgEurocept Homecare has over 20 yearsí experience in the field of in-home medical care, e.g. injection therapy, infusion technology, patient-coaching and instructions on how to self-administer certain medical treatments. Eurocept Homecare delivers dozens of medication-specific care plans. In addition, the company draws up customised medication management plans. Each year, Eurocept Homecare nurses perform over 50,000 specialist medical procedures at patientsí homes.

Active Nationwide

Eurocept Homecare employs 60 highly trained nurses who work all over the country, and also has over 50 nurses on standby. Thanks to Euroceptís nationwide cover, patients can continue to receive medical care while travelling to other parts of the country, for instance while holidaying.


Eurocept nurses are available all day, every day, even at night.

Our Nurses

All Eurocept Homecare nurses are BIG-registered (Levels 4 and 5). They regularly attend courses to keep abreast of the latest developments in medicine.

Ziekenhuisverplaatste zorg door Eurocept

Eurocept Plaza

All Eurocept nurses are equipped with iPads to help them take in patients and enter medical records into Eurocept Plaza, the companyís web portal. The data thus entered include treatment-specific values, as well as side-effects and other safety information. In addition, Eurocept Plaza allows Euroceptís nurses to communicate with treating physicians at all times. Thanks to their iPads, our nurses always have access to treatment protocols and other standard forms which are vital to the delivery of good patient care.

Patient Brochure

Eurocept Homecare has drawn up a general brochure to explain to patients who we are and what role we will play in their therapy. Patients will receive a copy of this brochure and discuss it with their nurse when they first meet their nurse. Alternatively, they can read the digital version of this brochure, which can be e-mailed to patients upon request.


Eurocept Homecare is certified under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) and the Care Institutions (Accrediation) Act (WTZi), which is to say that the company meets all the legal requirements for health-care institutions.

Care Made Easy

From the moment a patient signs up, Eurocept Homecare takes care of everything, thus saving both the prescribing doctor and the patient a great deal of hassle.

  1. EEurocept Homecare contacts the patient to schedule an initial appointment.
  2. Eurocept Homecareís Customer Service Department arranges for the patientís chemist to order and prepare the patientís medication, in time for the scheduled administration.
  3. At the day of the administration of the drug/s, the nurse collects the medication from the chemistís and takes it to the patientís home.
  4. The nurse tells the patient what she is going to do, administers the drug and makes a record of this in Eurocept Plaza. If necessary, the nurse schedules a follow-up appointment for repeat administration of the drug.
  5. Eurocept Homecare ensures that the patient's home is equipped with all resources required for the administration of the drug, e.g. infusion pumps and lines, needles and wound dressings.
  6. Eurocept Homecare also provides patients with repeat prescriptions./div>
  7. The prescribing doctor has 24/7 access to Eurocept Plaza and so is able to monitor the patientís condition at all times. If necessary, s/he can adjust the prescription in Eurocept Plaza or terminate the treatment. Alternatively, s/he can sign up new patients.

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